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Husband, a Chicago firefighter, was killed in the line of duty, leaving widow and five children. We assisted the widow in placing her home and other assets, including life insurance and pension proceeds, into trust, for the benefit of herself, her children and grandchildren – one of whom had special needs issues.

Single male, age 76, who never married and has no children, acquired an estate of nearly $2 million, which he wishes to leave to his adult niece and nephew. We assisted this Client in working to avoid the probate process by transferring his assets into trust for the benefit of himself during his life and then to his niece and nephew.

Married couple, now retired in their mid sixties, acquired an estate valued at approximately $1 million. Both remain in good health, wishing to spend part of their time in the Chicago area and the rest of the year traveling the Country in their recreational vehicle. We assisted this couple by transferring their assets into a family trust, for the benefit of themselves, their four adult children and their grandchildren. We also provided them durable powers of attorney for both financial matters and health decisions – giving them peace of mind as they enjoy the benefits of a well-spent life.

Married couple, retired nurse and Chicago firefighter, in their mid to late sixties, have acquired an estate valued at over $2 million, consisting mainly of their Chicago-based residence, four income properties, and a Florida condominium. We assisted this couple in transferring their property and other assets into trust for the benefit of themselves and two adult children. By transferring the properties into trust, they have the benefit of maximizing their rental property income, without the worry of their children possibly having to experience the time and expense of probating the properties at a later date.

Single female, never married and without children, in her mid sixties, recently diagnosed with cancer. She did not own any real property and had an estate valued at less than $100,000.00. We assisted her in creating a Last Will and Testament, leaving her worldly possessions to her two closest friends, and also providing for the care and maintenance of her beloved cat. We also assisted her in the creation of durable powers of attorney to give her peace of mind when it comes to the decision of healthcare and financial matters.

Single male, in his late fifties, was charged with three felony and three misdemeanor counts which included: Unlawful Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Sell; Unlawful Possession of Cannabis; Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance; Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Possession of a Firearm without a FOID card; and Possession of Firearm Ammunition without a FOID card. We successfully reached a Negotiated Agreement with the State that required our Client to plead guilty to only two of the six counts, in exchange for twenty-four months of probation; a fine of $1,000; fifty hours of public service; drug evaluation and treatment classes; and dismissal of all remaining counts – serving no jail time.

* Please Note: The above cases are provided as examples only. Every case is different, and results cannot be guaranteed.

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