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Contract Issues:

We brought suit in the Law Division of Cook County, Illinois, on behalf of our client, an interstate transportation company headquartered in Elmhurst, Illinois, against Defendant Corporation, seeking contract damages in excess of $250,000.00. At issue was Defendant’s breach of a back-solicitation clause as part of the terms of a Contract Carrier Agreement between the parties.

We successfully defended our Client, a nation-wide manufacturer and distributor of oil products headquartered in Huntley, Illinois, from claims of deceptive practices in trade made by a competing Arizona corporation. We negotiated settlement of all issues on behalf of our Client, and no money damages were paid by our Clients as a condition of settlement.

Commercial Lease Disputes:

We successfully filed suit against the Landlord of a commercial office building, on behalf of Tenant, a dental professional, for damages arising out of the Landlord’s failure to properly maintain the heating and air conditioning systems in the rented space. As a condition of settlement, Tenant received an abatement of future rents totaling $24,000.00.

We successfully defended an eviction action on behalf of our Client, a commercial tenant, which was filed on behalf of the Landlord/Mortgagee Bank, following the close of foreclosure proceedings. A settlement was negotiated on behalf of our Client that allowed our Client to maintain possession of the premises for an extended lease term, and also required the new property owner to make certain repairs to the property at no cost to our Client.

Employment Issues/Breach of Duty:

Our Clients, an individual engaged in the business of selling and engraving funeral urns and his start-up company are being sued by his former employer, alleging separate claims of breach of employee duty and tortious interference with business expectation. Plaintiff’s sought damages in excess of $350,000.00, as well as a Court Order enjoining Defendants from continuing to do business. We have successfully defended our Clients against Plaintiff’s motion for preliminary injunction, and therefore, our Clients will be allowed to continue to do business. Litigation continues as to the issue of damages.

Corporate General Counsel:

Our Firm serves as General Counsel to a nation-wide parts manufacturing company, with approximately 60 employees, headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois. We have successfully represented this Corporation in a variety of issues, including commercial real estate transactions; business and organizational planning; contract disputes; employment and liability issues; and other UCC related issues.

* Please Note: The above cases are provided as examples only. Every case is different, and results cannot be guaranteed.

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