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Property Insurance Disputes:

An independent owner-operator for a nationwide relocation company experienced a total loss of his truck-tractor unit due to a road-side fire. Despite the obvious total loss of the vehicle, and damages well in excess of the $25,000.00 property damage limits, our Client’s insurance company refused to settle the claim for coverage limits. We negotiated settlement on behalf of our Client in the full policy amount of $25,000.00 without having to file a lawsuit on his behalf.

Our Client, a forty-eight year old male, suffered bodily injury and property damage as a result of his passenger vehicle being struck from the side by an oncoming motorist. Despite the admission of fault by the other driver, the other driver’s insurance company refused to pay the full repair costs of our Client’s vehicle – even though the value of our Client’s vehicle substantially outweighed the repair cost. We negotiated a settlement on behalf of our Client for the full repair cost of the vehicle.

Debt Settlement:

Judgment Creditor filed suit against our Client, Defendant Corporation, for collection of a judgment previously entered by the Circuit Court of Cook County. The suit was based on breach of an advertising services contract. We successfully negotiated a structured settlement with the Judgment Creditor on behalf of our Client, for total satisfaction in an amount less than the original judgment.

Service Contracts:

Our Client entered into a construction contract with a commercial roofing corporation, to repair and in some areas replace sections of their residential roof. After signing the contract, our Client found an alternate roofer that would perform the same service for substantially less money, and therefore wanted out of the original contract. We successfully negotiated a release from the original contract on behalf of our Client.

Real Estate Matters:

Our Clients, first time home buyers, entered into a sale agreement for the purchase of a residential property, with a mortgage and inspection contingency. We successfully negotiated concessions on behalf of the Seller in our Client’s favor, and assisted in the closing of the transaction.

* Please Note: The above cases are provided as examples only. Every case is different, and results cannot be guaranteed.

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